Hello & Welcome to my Blog!

I’m Nayelli, a Dallasite millenial maneuvering my way through life. Last year, 2017, mental illness overcame me and I tried to out myself. I haven’t had the best and I most definitely have not had to worst life, but mental illness doesn’t care what kind of life you’ve had. I began this blog a couple years back to exert my feelings because writing has always been my way of expressing my emotions. After I tried to out myself, I realized that I have to learn to live for myself. I’m not going to find a fruitful life just lying around, it’s up to me to make the right moves to make changes and create that “fruitfulness”. With suicide rates rising , my aspiration to help others has grown so much and helped me grow the balls I needed to publicize my page and share my journey. Read my mind to follow my journey with mental illness and what I’m doing to get better. Read my food endeavors to take a look into Dallas eateries! Read my story-time’s to get a good laugh or learn a lesson or two. I hope you find comfort, support, tasty ideas and most of all love in my blog!Β β™₯